Hořice 9, 678 01 Blansko, Česká republika

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Tourist attractions in the surrounding area Due to its location, our guesthouse is the perfect start line for the trips to surrounding tourist attractions. Moravian Carst – the nature reserve with its limestone caves and deep valleys formatted for millions of years by water of the mysterious Punkva river is the second most attractive tourist location in the country. Out of the total of 1100 caves in the area, just 5 are opened for public. You can experience the cool air and the beauty of the underground limestone domes, rock formations and various types of stalactites growing slowly for years in the darkness and silence, deep under the land surface. The list of caves and its official website links are listed bellow.

Links to the tourist attractions in the surrounding area:
The guest house location makes you access to the tourist attractions easy and quick
Distance to Blansko 6 km (2 km by the tourist track)

Macocha Abyss www.moravskykras.net
St. Catherines Cave (Kateřinská jeskyně) www.cavemk.cz/katerinska-cave/
Punkva river Caves (Punkevní jeskyně) www.cavemk.cz/punkevni-caves/
“Balcarka” Cave Jeskyně Balcarka www.cavemk.cz/balcarka-cave/
“Sloupsko – Sosuvske” Caves www.cavemk.cz/sloupsko-sosuvske-caves/
!!NEW!! Cave Vypustek www.cavemk.cz/the-vypustek-cave/
Brewery at Cerna Hora www.pivovarch.cz
Chateau Rajec nad Svitavou www.pruvodce.com/rajec
Chateau Lysice www.boskowan.cz/historie/lysice
Wild West City Boskovice 26 km www.wildwest.cz
Boskovice – Chateau www.zamekboskovice.cz
Boskovice – Castle ruin www.hradboskovice.cz
City of Brno – road distance 25 km www.brno.cz